Your vision, our expertise: Bringing your brand to life through video.

We are known as the best video production agency in Mohali for producing excellent motion videos that tell the story of your brand and also help to engage visitors.

    What is Video Production ?

    Video production is basically the entire process of creating a video. Whether it's a short film, a full-length movie, business marketing video, television commercial, music video, or other type of film.

    The talented team of video editors at Social Theka, the best Video Production Agency in Chandigarh, create all form of content with high quality videos that reflects the brand story and identity. Our main focus is to create videos that resonates with your audience and they can connect with it.

    Why your business needs
    Video Prodcution services?


    Business Films

    The talented video editors at Social Theka edit videos that highlight the goals, achievements, and products of your business. We create the true essence of your firm through employee interviews and company profiles.


    Commercial Videos

    To showcase your goods or services, our team creates entertaining promotional videos. Our main objective is to enhance revenue and conversions by crafting strong visuals.


    Educator Videos

    We create educational explanation movies that make difficult ideas and procedures easier to understand. These films provide your viewers with clear and interesting information on what you have to offer.


    Customer Testimonials

    Genuine testimonial videos from happy customers can help you establish trust and reliability. These videos create a major impact on the decisions of potential clients by highlighting real-life experiences.

    From concept to screen 🤝

    Get ready to build your brand with charming video content. Contact Social Theka to discuss about your video production need

    Awards we won

    We have been receiving awards and recognition for our exceptional work that we have delivered to our clients so far. We strive for our growth and achievements with our clients growth and achievements as they grow we also grow this is the secret mantra on which we work on with our creative team we’re grateful for the growth and awards we have received.

    Tools we use

    After Effect
    Premium Pro
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