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Social Theka is one of the renowned digital best digital marketing agency in Mohali. With years of knowledge, we specialize in mobile app and website development, branding, and social media expertise that helps to grow your brand.  

The main goal of the company is to establish amazing relationships with its clients, along with supporting different businesses and helping them to grow in the modern field of Internet marketing. We focus on fostering relationships with our clients by providing high-quality websites, app development, and other services for our clients.

We are considered the Best digital marketing company in Mohali as our expert team members work to provide you best solutions in digital marketing for your business. If you’re a keen learner and looking forward to doing a digital marketing course, Social Theka offers different digital marketing courses for beginners.

Adaption to the Industry Changes:

With the help of Social Theka, you can know about the industry changes and our team will apply those changes to bring an overall change in your brand on the internet, with an increase in the number of followers and engagement.

Data-Driven Insights:

Social Theka uses different data tools to show the effectiveness of different campaigns. The main concept of stating data effectively is to show the performance of the campaigns which will eventually help in optimizing the campaign.


Our team at Social Theka has enhanced and like-minded people who will help to bring creative ideas for your brand. We focus on standing out of the crowd in terms of creativity and our unique approach will eventually help to grow the brand by reaching their target audience.

Social Theka is known to be one of the best digital marketing agencies in India. If you’re looking to improve your brand digital presence online. Here are a few of the reasons you should choose Social Theka:


We are the best known agency having team of experts who deal in different categories of digital marketing such as SEO, content marketing, social media, PPC advertising, and email marketing. Our team has specialists who make the best use of their knowledge to help your brand reach heights of success.


Social Theka focuses on providing detailed reports and key performance indicators of the work done that will eventually help to track the ROI of the marketing campaigns and help you to grow in the future.

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With a 360˚ approach towards handling everything related to uplifting brands on digital space and maintaining it, we provide services to the brands to uplift their reach and engagement through a holistic strategy.
This image show the Manager of Social Theka
This image show the team with the manager of Social Theka company

We’re the best agency

We are having a team of digital marketing experts who deliver outstanding branding solutions and business results.

Welcome to the dunia of Social Theka Production...We initiated Digital Brand Management out of a desire to fill the gap that exists in the digital marketing space.

  • An award-winning creative marketing and advertising agency
  • Ideate, curate and execute marketing strategies
  • Take thoughts for ideas and create remarkable moments.

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing also known as branding is the core or can say the foundation of the marketing, it helps the brand to stand out and be unique , Right from companies name to its mission everything comes under brand marketing , The main aim of branding is to create a positive perception of a company, product or services. This is done by establishing brand positioning , increasing brand awareness and maximising customer engagement Branding is a complex process since the end result is based on consumers reaction yet there are steps like identifying customers need, creating clear brand message ,carefully deciding the right colour pallet and tone for the brand and lastly having a strong customer support system all these elements can helps in shaping public opinion.

Website development

Website development

Website acts as a virtual storefront which is visible to a worldwide audience just like in store experience it’s important to create user friendly experience this is when web designing and development steps in. web design determines the look of the website while web development focuses on how it functions . In order to achieve an ideal site front end designers uses Colors, layout, fonts, and images—everything that contributes to a website’s branding and to bring it to life back end developers uses coding languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


SMO, stands for Social Media Optimization it is said to be an important part in the field of marketing. it focuses on optimizing social media profiles and content to increase brand visibility and encourage audience engagement.The main aim of SMO is to boost brand recognition, driving traffic to websites and establish a presence across various social media platforms. By using SMO techniques your business can also effectively connect with its target audience, retain brand loyalty and successfully achieve market objectives, on social media platforms. 



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a component of marketing. Its purpose is to enhance the visibility and ranking of websites on search engine results pages. this is done through methods such as keyword research, on page optimization and link building SEO , which helps in generation of traffic. This means that when people search for keywords they are more likely to discover your website. Ultimately SEO plays a role, Our team of experts use various techniques for boosting visibility ,attracting targeted traffic to websites and driving business growth through increased conversions.

Email Marketing

Social Theka provides Email marketing services as well which is known to be the oldest method to generate leads. Our team has professionals who create solid email strategies such as managing an email contact list, email personalization, and targeted product offers. 

Social Theka also provides newsletter services to its clients which means crafting amazing informative content to keep subscribers informed about brands, industries, and products. We help to create compelling newsletters that focus on your targeted audience, driving engagement and brand awareness. We handle everything from content creation, analytics, and delivering newsletters to your valued subscribers.


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