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At Social Theka, We Deliver Profits with Marketing Magic, Making Your Brand Irresistible.

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We empower your brand presence

We promote your brand's overall presence through strategic planning, creative content, and focused campaigns, we make sure that your brand's online presence is strong, impactful, and noteworthy.

We make knowledgeable decisions

We consider making knowledgeable decisions primarily based on insightful analytics and metrics. By studying client behaviour, marketplace trends, and campaign performance, we optimize our strategies to deliver maximum outcomes for your logo.

We create irresistible content

Content is king in the digital marketing world, and we specialise in creating persuasive content that aligns with your audience. From social media posts to engaging blog articles and videos we tailor our content to reflect your brand's voice and values.

We Drive digital growth

We have a strong passion for driving digital growth for our clients while focusing on innovation and creativity, along with custom strategies to help your brand grow in the online world. We aim to increase website traffic, grow your social media following, generate leads, and boost sales.

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Social Theka Story

Sitting in the stillness of a midnight hour, sipping on coffee and involved in a conversation, the idea of Social Theka was born. It all began with a simple desire to change the way marketing was approached with a vision to become the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Chandigarh, we imagined a space where creativity flourished and success was celebrated collectively.


We were enthusiastic about innovation and making a difference, as we knew that virtual marketing calls for a dynamic and ahead-wondering approach that adapts to the online global's consistent evolution. So we created Social Theka to be a hub of creativity and collaboration wherein we wanted to percentage thoughts, craft unique strategies, and build relationships through mutual admiration and acceptance as true.


We take pride in being the top Digital Marketing Agency in India, and we attempt to guide the industry in innovation and excellence. Our greatest pleasure comes from undoubtedly impacting the people we serve. Join us at Social Theka to enjoy endless creativity and collaboration that ends in achievement.

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Our Values


Transparency and Honesty

One of the important values that we keep in our work always is to maintain transparency and honesty within our agency and with our clients.


Empowering Growth

Our focus is on delivering real results that drive your business needs. We create and use strategies that are result-focused particularly according to the needs of the business.


Collaboration Promoted

Collaboration is an essential part of our techniques at Social Theka. We believe in teamwork and partnership to achieve shared dreams.


High quality and long-term Impact

Making a high-quality and long-term impact our core value at social theka. We aim to create long-term effects on our client's businesses so that they can grow quickly and easily without using any shortcuts.


Community Connection

We believe that growth goes hand in hand without us our clients cannot grow and without our clients, we cannot grow so belive in empowering our clients with our growth.


Adaptability & Flexibility

We believe that adaptability and flexibility are the keys to success without keeping them as our values we won't be able to survive long term so to survive long term we change things according to the requirements.

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Our Aim to be better

We understand that our satisfaction is closely linked to the success of our clients. As a result, we handle every task with commitment and dedication. Our objective is to establish strong relationships, encourage growth, and achieve shared goals collaboratively. It's not just about providing a service, but about developing connections and working together towards a common purpose.

Meet the squad

Meet the faces behind the screens who are passionate about driving results to our clients with their creative minds and expertise.

Rozy Rajpal


Meet Rozy Rajpal, the mind behind Social Theka's innovative digital marketing strategies. In the role of as CEO, Rozy leads a team of dedicated professionals who create unique approaches that help brands flourish in the world of digital media.

Manjul Nagar


Manjul's leadership, which serves as the backbone of Social Theka, is essential to our success as we continue development in the rapidly evolving digital sector. His constant commitment to productivity and creativity makes sure that our team operates as an integrated whole to deliver our clients with outstanding results.

Kuljeet kaur

Social Media Manager

Turning Impossibilities into Possibilities, With its crazy marketing strategies !

Rohit Verma

VFX Editor

Adding Colour to Your Feed,  While Sparking Emotions Through Videos.

Sweety Karnwal

Graphic Designer

Turning your designing imaginations into reality !

Shellja Rana

Website Designer

Crafting Websites That Make You Go 'Wow!' Instead of 'Whoa!

Rahul Kumar

SEO Specialist

From SEO Zero to Hero – Making Websites Google-Friendly!

Amritpal Singh

SEO Specialist

Champion in making Websites Get the Google Love They Deserve!

Manmeet Singh

UI/UX Designer

Designing Interfaces That Speak Your Users' Language!

Jiya Thakur

Social Media Executive

Putting the 'Fun' in 'Fundamental' Marketing Strategies.

Vansh Katal

Video Editor

Editing Videos Like a Ninja – Stealthy and Epic!

Vishal Pahuja

Website Developer

Gives website a beautiful makeover inside, out !

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